Included DSL Internet Features

We have a great range of service features and handy ‘extras' that help you get the most out of your MyNetFone Naked ADSL2+ or Traditional ADSL2+ internet service.

Static IP

Allows you to remotely log into your computer, set up your own email address with your choice of domain name and more.

Quality of Service (QoS)

QoS ensures VoIP traffic is prioritised, so you get crystal-clear call quality. What's more, even if your speed is shaped, you will still have access to VoIP phone calls.


Regardless of whether you get Naked or Traditional ADSL2+, take the opportunity to get better call rates by combining it with MyNetFone VoIP phone service. MyNetFone VoIPplans offer plenty of included local/national calls, and great mobile and international call rates.

Low Contention

Low contention ensures internet users get more reliable, fast internet access, as the ratio of users to total available bandwidth is lower.

High Speed

ADSL2+ comes with speeds of up to 20Mb/second: Download large files in minimum time! 

Note that speed can be affected by several factors outside our (or any other provider's) control, such as:

  • your building's proximity to your local exchange
  • the number of individual end-users at a residence using the service at the same time;
  • the end-user’s hardware, software and software configuration;
  • the connection method within the premises (wireless or fixed);
  • the type of content being downloaded by the end-user;
  • the source of the content being downloaded (including any content server limitations).

Online Quota Tracker

Keep track of how much quota has been used up by simply logging into the Online Portal & checking out the ADSL2+ Internet Quota usage.

Quota Counts Downloads Only

MyNetFone ADL2+ only counts downloads in the quota: upload, share files & photos for FREE! And if you use MyNetFone VoIP - that doesn't contribute to the quota either.

Speed Shaping

No excess download fees (except Starter plan)! Instead, we'll slow your speed once quota has been reached for the month.

Want to keep the speed? You can get Data Boosts for extra downloads at ADSL2+ speed.

25% Quota Notification

Once only 25% of your monthly quota is left, we'll send you an email notification, so you can plan ahead before shaping starts.

Data Boosts

If you use up your quota, but still need fast internet, get a Data Boost for extra downloads at fast ADSL2+ speeds.

White Pages (with Naked ADSL2+)

Combine MyNetFone Naked ADSL2+ with VoIP, to list your number in the White Pages for a small administration fee.

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