DSL Internet Coverage Checker

Check if your area is enabled for MyNetFone Broadband Internet Services

Finding out if you can get ADSL2+ broadband with MyNetFone is easy! Simply enter your phone number into our automated coverage checker.

The phone number qualification will check for Naked ADSL2+ and regular ADSL2+ at your premises and the result will show which type of internet is available. Naked ADSL2+ is the default option, but if it unavailable, then the Coverage Checker will let you know what other internet options we can deliver, such as regular ADSL2+ or ADSL1. 

Note: If you check with a phone number, please make sure the number you enter is a 'regular' landline telephone service - not an ISDN line, PABX extension or other form of digital line service.





ADSL2+ is available in your area?


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Before placing you order, please read this  Special note for placing Broadband orders.

Broadband service is subject to availability in your local exchange. Even if ADSL2+ is available on your telephone line, it does not guarantee that we will be able to connect it - this depends on other factors such as complex services on your line, exchange capacity etc.

However, we will keep you updated on progress through email and let you know if any issues arise.



ADSL2+ is not available in your area?

...Come back & check regularly

Our ADSL2+ coverage is expanding, and hopefully in the near future you will be eligible for this service.

So bookmark this page and come back to check regularly.