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VoIP Phone Special Offer

Do you want to escape from your Telco?

With MyNetFone you can save up to 60% off your phone bills, stop paying line rental, get quick and helpful service from our dedicated team!

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Home Phone - VoIP

Instead of running your phone calls over a landline, MyNetFone delivers them over your broadband connection (this is called VoIP). With MyNetFone's VoIP Phone service you can make phone calls over your broadband internet connection.  

You can still use your existing phone handsets, keep your current phone number and your computer does not have to be on. The benefit to you is that you get much lower call costs to local, national, international and mobile destinations. You can save up to 60% off your phone bills!

Call your friends and family on any landline in Australia, chat as long as you like, and only pay for a local call! There are no STD rates, just a great low untimed rate.

Even better, get your family on board too, and you can call them at no cost with FREE untimed calls MyNetFone to MyNetFone any time of the day.

Home Internet - Naked ADSL2+ Broadband

Fast-speed broadband is the norm now. So how are we different? Instead of running your internet over your landline, we deliver ‘pure’ internet called Naked ADSL2+.

No landline = no more line rental!

Our Naked ADSL2+ broadband plans provide generous download quotas, no excess download fees, handy Data Boosts and unlimited Technical support.

Plus, you get 2 Phone Lines with MyNetFone VoIP for great-value calls with no monthly fee on our SuperSaver Plan.

So why pay for line rental?

Virtual Fax

MyNetFone’s Virtual Fax (also known as hosted fax) service delivers faxes directly to your email address as PDF documents and sends faxes directly from your computer - no need for printing.

You can move the existing fax number to MyNetFone with number porting or get a new number.

Virtual Fax can help you de-clutter your desk from piles of received fax papers; store faxes together with emails from sender for easy management; and save paper & help the environment. Plus, the fax line never 'busy', so multiple faxes can be received simultaneously.

GlobalSaver VoIP Plan

Do you have family and friends overseas? Stay connected and call New Zealand, USA, UK, China and/or Singapore (to name a few) for the cost of a local call.

MyNetFone's GlobalSaver Plan gives you 200 local/national/global calls included for just $14.95/month - so calling the world doesn't have to cost the earth!

Features & Benefits of VoIP

MyNetFone's VoIP Phone service delivers great features and handy ‘extras' that help you get the most out of your service. And unlike your traditional landline service, most of them are FREE on all service plans, helping you save even more - including Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Auto Answer, Caller ID Presentation, Do Not Disturb and more.

VoIP Savings Calculator

Use the Savings Calculator and see for yourself how much money you could be saving with MyNetFone VoIP phone service.

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