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General Information

Which mobile network does MyNetFone use?

MyNetFone (ABN 73 109 671 285) uses part of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile network.

The mobile product of MyNetFone is underpinned by over 6500 4G and 8100 3G sites and provides a combined 4G and 3G coverage footprint of 98.8% and a 4G coverage footprint of 96.5% of the Australian population covering 1.62 million square kilometres.

The 4G component uses a combination of 1800MHz /700MHz for coverage with 2600MHz added for capacity in selected areas. The 3G component used 850Mhz for coverage with 2100MHz added for capacity in selected areas.

Can I check coverage in my area?

To check coverage at your location please click here - www.mobilemaps.net.au/4G

Is this a lock in contract?

No, you can leave the MyNetFone Mobile service at any time.

Can I keep my existing number when I join MyNetFone?

Yes, this will require porting of your current mobile number to MyNetFone.

Should I put the new SIM card in my phone as soon as I receive it?

No, you should only insert the SIM card once you have completed the activation process. We will explain how to do this in the letter we send you with your SIM card. Keep your old SIM card in your phone, and when this stops working, that means your new SIM card is ready to go. 


Getting Started

How much do I need to pay for my SIM?

The SIM card you will receive comes free with MyNetFone mobile plans.

When do I receive my SIM?

You should receive your SIM within 7 days.

How do I activate my SIM?

You will need to have received your new MyNetFone SIM card and welcome letter with instructions on how to activate the service. 

You can then visit the MyNetFone website and activate your SIM using the Mobile Access password found in the welcome letter.

How long does it take to activate my new service?

For a new mobile number, it generally only takes a few minutes.

If you are porting an existing mobile number to MyNetFone, it usually depends on your current mobile carrier. The Mobile Number Portability Industry Code states that 90% of ports are completed within 3 Standard Hours of Operation and 99% completed within 2 Business days.

Standard Hours of Operation are 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 6pm on Saturdays (AEST). Porting is not available on Sundays and most public holidays.



What methods of payment do you accept?

Payment option is credit card only. Details must be supplied during the order and payments will then be processed automatically on the renewal date each month.

How and when are invoices sent out?

Invoices are sent free of charge by email. You need to provide a valid email address to receive your invoice.

We operate anniversary billing. This means that if you activate a service with us on days 1-28 in a given month, we will bill you on that same date each commencing month. Where your service is activated on days 29-31, we will bill you monthly on the 28th day commencing the following month. For example, if you activate your service on the 30th January, we will bill you on the 28th of each month thereafter. If you activate on days 29-31, a pro rata credit will be applied to your account for the days not used.

Your service will be automatically renewed and billed on the same day each month unless you inform us you wish to cancel your service or you transfer your number to a new provider.

How do I change plans?

You can request to change to a plan of higher or lower value, the change will take place at your next renewal date. You may initiate the change via your online account.


Help & Support

How do I set up voicemail?

To set up voicemail, dial 141 and follow the prompts.

If you wish to deactivate voicemail, dial ##002# - this means your phone will ring until the caller hangs up.

What happens if I run out of data? 

We will add a 1GB data bolt-on to your plan automatically each time your data is fully depleted; this will be added up to 5 times per plan cycle. Each 1GB data bolt-on costs $8. The maximum charge you can incur for automatic data bolt-ons is $40 per plan cycle. After the 5th automatic data bolt-on has been depleted, data will be blocked and you can choose to purchase ad-hoc 1GB data bolt-ons if you wish.

All data will expire upon your monthly renewal date, so if for example, an automatic data bolt-on is added 4 days prior to your renewal date, you will only have 4 days to use the data and then it will expire when your plan is renewed.

How do I check remaining data, days left in billing cycle, and international call inclusions?

The easiest way to check your balance is through the free MyNetFone Mobile app (available on both iOS and Android).

Alternatively, you can dial *159# to receive a summary of your remaining inclusions. 

How can I adjust how long my service rings for before it reaches voicemail or dials out?

Dial **61*61141**XX# - the XX represents the number of seconds you wish to wait before the call reaches voicemail or dials out.

So, if you want your phone to ring for 20 seconds, dial: **61*61141**20#

NOTE: There are 4 ring times you can choose from: 15 (default), 20, 25 and 30.

How do I setup call forwarding? 

To setup a call forward, dial **21*[NUMBER]#

To deactivate the call forward, dial ##21#

Please be aware that call forwarding is not included in your plan. This means that the call will be charged at Pay-As-You-Go rates.  

Contact us

If you have any questions you can contact us on 1300 731 048.


If you wish to complain about this plan or your service, or lodge a dispute, please read our Complaints Handling Policy, which can be viewed on our website https://www.mynetfone.com.au/Contact/Complaints

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