Cost Savings with SIP Trunking from MyNetFone

Did you know you can achieve significant cost savings by connecting your existing PBX phone system via SIP Trunking?

MyNetFone delivers flexible and cost-effective communications solutions that leverage your existing hardware investments to save you up to 60% off your existing communications costs.

  • Use as ISDN Primary Rate Replacement for outgoing calls to achieve carrier diversity
  • Keep your existing number if moving to a complete SIP Solution
  • Flexibility to grow with your company - add extra lines simply by upgrading your plan
  • Integrates seamlessly with a wide range of approved IP PBX systems from trusted brands
  • Connects to traditional PBXs via an ISDN Primary Rate Replacement service
  • Free calls between multi-location offices if both are on the MyNetFone network - even internationally
  • Range of internet options and speeds to suit your business requirements or implement with your existing internet connection

Our integrated SIP solution is the sound choice for your enterprise.

See how much your company could be saving

MyNetFone is offering to conduct a Bill Analysis of your company's current phone expenditure for free and with no obligation. The Bill Analysis will provide a real comparison of your existing communications spend compared to the cost of the same call patterns billed at MyNetFone's low rates. Most of our customers report saving up to 60% by using SIP Trunking as an ISDN Primary Rate Replacement - find out how much you could be saving, click here for details of the Bill Analysis.

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