Cost Savings with SIP Trunking from MyNetFone ISDN Primary Rate Replacement with MyNetFone SIP Trunking for Microsoft Lync - MyNetFone is the only SIP Trunk provider officially certified to interoperate with Microsoft Lync

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Communications Solutions for Corporate and Government Enterprises

MyNetFone is Australia's leading provider of business-grade IP-based telecommunications and the only SIP Trunking provider officially certified to interoperate with Microsoft Lync Server in Australia.

MyNetFone has voice and data solutions designed to meet the needs of corporate and government enterprises, to simplify your business operations and reduce your telecommunications costs - read on to find out more about the different types of business communication solutions we can provide.


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Cost Savings with SIP Trunking

MyNetFone delivers flexible and cost-effective communications solutions that leverage your existing hardware investments to save you up to 60% off your existing communications costs.

The SIP Trunking srvice can be used as ISDN Primary Rate Replacement for outgoing calls to achieve carrier diversity; or as a complete SIP communications solution for incoming and outgoing calls. In this instance, MyNetFone provides number porting to regular, 1300 and 1800 numbers which makes switching to IP communications easy. SIP Trunking integrates seamlessly with a wide range of approved IP PBX systems from trusted brands and connects to traditional PBXs via an ISDN Primary Rate Replacement service.

With SIP Trunking, you can also future-proof your communications, as the service has the flexibility to grow with your company - add extra lines simply by upgrading your plan. SIP Trunking is also ideal for multi-location offices, as calls between multi-location offices are free if both offices are on the MyNetFone network - even internationally.

ISDN Primary Rate Replacement

MyNetFone provides a complete ISDN Primary Rate Replacement service that allows enterprises significantly reduce their communications costs without changing their entire phone infrastructure.

The service is deployed on the enterprise premises and eliminates costly PRI call costs by routing all outgoing calls via the internet. It can be connected to any PBX with primary rate capability, helping you leverage your existing infrastructure to maximise the return on investment. This allows you to simply replace your existing carrier Primary Rate Service with ours and take advantage of our low call rates and charges, saving up to 60% off your communications bill.

Specifically, MyNetFone provides excellent-value enterprise pricing for Voice Services; 30+ SIP channels for up to 30 simultaneous voice calls; metro Ethernet Broadband with sufficient bandwidth to support the requried number of lines and an onsite Network Termination Unit (NTU), which facilitates SIP connectivity for your PBX.

As your enterprise grows, the solution can be expanded to deliver more voice channels (lines) in line with your needs simply by upgrading the SIP plan.

SIP Trunking with Microsoft Lync Server 2010

SIP Trunking connects your company’s Microsoft Lync Server to the public phone network over the Internet, enabling your business to capitalize on the full range of Lync call features, while reducing communications expenditure.

MyNetFone is the only SIP Trunking provider in Australia officially certified to interwork with the Microsoft Lync Server 2010. Our services are recognised for their reliability and the excellent level of support provided by our Australian Team, making it the sound choice for your enterprise.

Make the most of your investment in Microsoft Lync and maximise usability of its powerful features by combining it with SIP Trunking from MyNetFone.

Additional Services

Ethernet Broadband

Ethernet broadband delivers a fast and reliable broadband connection that is scalable, flexible and cost-effective. MyNetFone's ethernet broadband plans are affordable and can help improve your enterprise's productivity and performance.

Ethernet broadband is ideal for companies requiring high-speeds for data applications such as running multiple voice lines, VPN and web hosting. Indeed, the service is ideal for chanelling MyNetFone voice services, with full Quality of Service (QoS) configuration to prioritise Voice traffic and ensure excellent voice resolution.

By delivering ethernet to businesses using existing copper networks, ethernet broadband offers fast, symmetric business-grade connectivity without the cost and hassle of a fibre connection. MyNetFone provides ethernet broadband with reliable speeds from 2Mbps to 100Mbps* and symmetrical bandwidth, on plans with download quotas from 100GB to 1TB and unlimited upload quota.

Meet-me Conferencing

MyNetFone's Meet-Me Conferencing service allows up to 30 participants from around the world to be joined in a conference call.

This hosted service makes it easy to share information and bring your organisation, suppliers or clients together, without having to spend time and capital on travel.

The Meet-Me Conferencing service can be accessed on a casual basis or upgraded to one of our monthly plans for even better value. Participants can dial in from almost anywhere in the world using Overseas Local Access Numbers or from Australia-wide for the cost of a local call using Toll Free and National Numbers.

Virtual Fax

MyNetFone’s Virtual Fax (also known as hosted fax) service delivers faxes directly to your email address as PDF documents and sends faxes directly from your computer - no need for printing.

You can move the existing fax number to MyNetFone with number porting or get a new number, and MyNetFone can even provide multiple fax numbers so each member of staff in your enterprise can send and receive their own faxes.

Virtual Fax can help your employees to de-clutter desks from piles of received fax papers; store faxes together with emails from sender for easy management; and save paper & help the environment. Plus, the fax line never 'busy', so multiple faxes can be received simultaneously.

Special Service Numbers: 1300, 1800 and 13 numbers

MyNetFone provides Special Service 1300, 1800 and 13 numbers that enhance your business image and make it easier for customers to contact you.

These Special Service Numbers offer several benefits for businesses: give your business a professional image; demonstrate your focus on Customer Service, by making it more economical for customers to call you; make relocating easy, as you do not need to reprint promotional material with new numbers, help a business expand outside it's local area by overcoming 'location' prejudice of potential callers; and provide a single, national point of contact for businesses of any size.

To use these special numbers on the MyNetFone network, we offer you 2 options:

  • Move your existing 1300, 1800 or 13 number(s) to MyNetFone - more info
  • Get new 1300, 1800 or 13 numbers from MyNetFone

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