Glossary of IP Communications terms


Confused about certain terms? We've got it all covered here.


An administrator is an authorised user with full access to the MyNetFone MyAccount portal to make all moves and changes to your Virtual PBX account - change settings, set up new users and configure all other stations and numbers.


Auto-Attendant is a phone service feature that uses an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu to give the caller options for the call to be transferred to any specific area of interest. For example, the user can set-up the auto-attendant to say “Welcome to [company name], please press ‘1’ for Sales, ‘2’ for Supports… etc”.

When used with the MyNetFone Virtual PBX service, Auto-Attendant recognises the Direct-in-Dial number the caller has dialled, so the user can program different IVR for different phone numbers, so each office or business division can have a different Auto-Attendant. Find out more.

Call Indicators

Call indicators are essentially the same as 'Soft Keys'.

Direct-In-Dial Number (DID)

A DID (Direct-In-Dial) number is a telephone number that can be reached from any telephone in Australia or the world. VoIP users that have a DID can receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls.


A diversion is how a station is set up to send all incoming calls to another number, be it a station or an external number such as a mobile or landline.


An extension number is a 4-Digit code that allows any other Virtual PBX user (on the same account) to call you on or transfer a call to.


A line refers to an active telephone call or the amount of active telephone calls you can have at any one time. 

Example: If you're on a Virtual PBX 8 line service, this would mean you have 8 lines or the capability to handle 8 concurrent telephone calls.


A notification is an email or SMS that the MyNetFone Virtual PBX is capable of sending regarding your account (eg. Low balance warning, an Invoice or an Order Status).

Soft Keys

Soft keys refer to the physical buttons located on the upper right hand side of your handset. Soft keys allow you to juggle calls, make and/or receive another calls, etc.


A station refers to a device connected to your Virtual PBX that is capable of making or receiving telephone calls (eg. a handset, a soft client running on a PC or MAC, a smartphone, conference phone, etc).


A user is a person who has been granted access to the MyAccount Portal. Users are limited to being able to change the settings pertaining only to their allocated station or user account (eg. contact name, number, email, etc).

Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax is a service offered by MyNetFone that sets up one of your telephone numbers to receive faxes and sends them directly to your email as an attachment. Find out more

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX (or Hosted PBX, VoIP PBX) is a virtual private branch exchange telephone system which delivers PBX-style features without the need to buy and maintain expensive PBX hardware. The MyNetFone Virtual PBX telephone system is just like having a phone system in your office, except the features and functions run from our servers. Find out more