Call Park & Pick-up

This feature is handy if you pick up a call, but then decide to move to a more private, quiet location!

With the Park and Pick-up feature you can park a call without specifying a receiving extension, so you can browse the office until you find a suitable location to pick up and continue the call.

How it works 

  Park the current call by pressing *2700# - the caller will be placed on hold and ‘Music on Hold' will be played*
  Note down or remember the ‘Parking Lot' number that is given
  Hang up the phone
  Find a phone from which you want to continue the call
  Dial the ‘Parking Lot' number... and you've picked up the parked call!

This feature is automatically available to all Virtual PBX Customers for free!

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*Please note: this is not an extension number - you have to dial the same number ‘2700' every time to access the Park and Pick-up feature