FREE Bill Analysis

How much could your business be saving on phone and internet bills?

Satisfy your curiosity and find out with a Bill Analysis - it's absolutely free with no-obligation. The analysis will provide you with:

A comparison of how much you're currently paying with your existing provider vs. how much you could be paying with MyNetFone

Spend comparison by category (Eg. Line rental, local/national calls, calls to mobiles, calls to 13 numbers)

A suggestion of the best MyNetFone solution to suit your business' communications needs

View a sample Bill Analysis

The Free Bill Analysis is available to all small to medium businesses with at least two phone lines. All you need to do is:

1. Print and fill in the Free Bill Analysis Request form 

2. Fax (or scan and email) it back with a full copy of your recent business phone and/or internet bill so we can get a 'typical' representation of your business communications spend.

3. Our Business Specialists will contact your to clarify your business requirements, and will then email the completed Bill Analysis to you showing exactly how much you could be saving overall and in each call category with MyNetFone.

Download the Free Bill Analysis Request form

and find out how much your business could be saving on communications bills!