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Choose the popular Unlimited NBN and Unlimited Home Phone Bundle


Basic NBN

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Unlimited NBN

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  200Gb downloads


Unlimited downloads


Free NBN-ready modem


Free NBN-ready modem


Fast NBN (Tier 1)


Fast NBN (Tier 1)


Unlimited NBN internet + Unlimited NBN home phone - MyNetFone


Unlimited NBN internet - MyNetFone


Sign up - Basic NBN Internet


Sign up - Unlimited NBN Internet



Min: $1878.76 (24 months). 35c/Gb.

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Min: $1919.76 (24 months).

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Go faster on the NBN

Supercharge your internet with Superfast or Ultrafast NBN speed upgrades.



  Fast NBN from MyNetFone   Superfast NBN from MyNetFone   Ultrafast NBN from MyNetFone  



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Frequently Asked Questions



What is meant by Tier 1?

This refers to the speed of your NBN connection. MyNetFone NBN speeds will sit within one of three tiers:

  • Tier 1 speed: Up to 12Mbps download / up to 1 Mbps upload.
  • Tier 2 speed: Up to 25Mbps download / up to 5 Mbps upload.
  • Tier 5 speed: Up to 100Mbps download / up to 40 Mbps upload.

Does 'Unlimited' really mean unlimited?

Unlimited means we do not count your uploads, and for the Deluxe plan, we do not count your downloads either. 

Unlimited download quota is provided in batches of '32Tb'. Once you use the first 32Tb, you will receive another 32Tb - and so on - forever.


What happens if I use more than my quota?

You will not be charged an excess fee. Basic NBN customers will have their internet speed reduced to 256Kbps. This will return to the regular speed on the next billing cycle.

To avoid speed shaping, choose an Unlimited plan.


How is NBN installed? Will it cost anything?

The NBN Contractor will identify whether or not an Installation is deemed as a Standard Installtion, or as a Non-Standard Installation.

If it is deemed a Non-Standard Installation then the contractor will provide you with formal quote to perform the required works which will be billed to you by MyNetFone.

If you’re in a new development and not already connected to the NBN, NBN Co may charge a one-off fee of $300 to connect your premises to NBN services. If applicable, the charge will be passed to you through MyNetFone.


How can I get more information?

Please read the Critical Information Summary documents below our plans - or contact our friendly Residential Sales Team on 1300 733 995.