Virtual Fax Machine

Send and receive faxes using your computer - no fax equipment required

MyNetFone’s Virtual Fax service delivers faxes directly to your email address as PDF documents and sends faxes directly from your computer - no need for printing!

  • De-clutter your desk from piles of received fax papers
  • Fax line never 'busy' - receive multiple faxes simultaneously
  • Move your existing fax number to MyNetFone or get a new number
  • Store faxes together with emails from sender for easy management
  • Save paper & help the environment
  • Receive faxes in real time on your mobile via email (if you have email enabled on your smartphone)

An estimated 90% of documents are now created on a computer. So to manually fax these using a traditional fax machine, you would usually have to print a document, walk to the printer, then walk to the fax machine, fill-out a cover page, wait in line to send the document, and then wait for the a confirmation that it was indeed sent. Why bother?

Instead, increase productivity, reduce costs and save time with Virtual Fax Machine & send faxes from your desk.

Moreover eliminate the cost of purchasing & maintaining the fax machine, and reduce the cost of maintaining printers as well as consumables like toner and paper.

Try Virtual Fax now - click here to find out more & get started!