Business 1300 Numbers

Present your customers with a single, national point of contact


1300 numbers are a powerful add-on for MyNetFone's Virtual PBX and SIP Trunking services. Adding a 1300 number allows any business to easily present like a substantial, national organisation. This can add instant credibility to even the smallest local business. But they're not just for savvy startups. Larger businesses will benefit from the simplicity of advertising a single phone number which (using Geographic Routing) seamlessly diverts calls to the right branch or department.

MyNetFone can provide you with a new 1300 number, or you can bring your existing number to MyNetFone.


What does a 1300 number cost?

Your customers are only charged a 'local' call rate - even if calling across the country -  and your business picks up the difference. While this adds a small marginal cost, it is powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

Plan Basic Standard Premium
Monthly charge $9.95 $19.95 $29.95
Setup $49.95 $49.95 $49.95
Call Collection Fee (you pay) $0.12/min* $0.08/min* First 6 minutes FREE,
(then $0.06/min*
Call Fee 
(caller pays)
25c untimed 25c untimed 25c untimed
  Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary
If porting an existing number,a once-off Number Porting fee of $99.95 applies instead of the Setup fee. 

Call Redirection/Termination Charges

Additional charges may apply if your MyNetFone 1300 number is redirected to a landline or mobile number outside the MyNetFone network. Calls redirected to MyNetFone landlines are free!

Call Diversion type Charge
Local / National 10c untimed
Mobile 15c per minute
International From 1.9c per minute

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to find out more about MyNetFone Special Service Numbers

* Conditions apply. All fees quoted are inclusive of GST. Additional call charges may apply if calls to 1300/1800 numbers are forwarded to another telephone number not inclusive of the MyNetFone service. Pre-paid services utilising 1300/1800 numbers require an active credit card registration for $100 automatic monthly top up of the account. All calls are restricted if the account credit balance falls below $0.

Note: An administration charge of $24.95 will apply for any changes on the 1300 numbers service and it may take up to 48 hours to complete.