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Enhance your customer service with MyNetFone Special Service Numbers

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1300 numbers, also known as 'Local Call' numbers, give your business a national presence and allow your customers to call you for the cost of a local call* from any location Australia-wide.

In addition, 1300 numbers offer many other benefits for businesses:

  • Give your business a professional image
  • Demonstrate your focus on Customer Service, by making it more economical for customers to call you
  • Make relocating easy, as you do not need to reprint promotional material with new numbers
  • Help a business expand outside it's local area by overcoming 'location' prejudice of potential callers
  • Provide a single, national point of contact for businesses of any size

1300 Numbers with MyNetFone

MyNetFone's 1300 Numbers give your business the added benefit of:

  • Take control of your 1300 Number - manage your 1300 Number(s) via our Online Portal and make any changes you want in real-time
  • Never miss a call - divert calls to your mobile after hours or to any other nominated number whenever you want. (Note: Call redirection charges may apply. Some features, such as diversions to voicemail require an associated MyNetFone Virtual PBX)
  • Lower fees and call rates - save more with MyNetFone's low call collection rates

How 1300 Numbers Work

1300 numbers are more economical for customers to call because they only pay for a local call from any fixed line phone anywhere in Australia to call the 1300 number of a business which can be located anywhere. For mobile phones, however, the caller will pay a rate that is determined by their mobile service provider.

The rest of the call cost is picked up by the '1300 number account holder'.

Fees and Charges

MyNetFone can provide you with a new 1300 number, or you can keep your existing number by porting it to our service. 

Fees and charges are shown below:

Plan Basic Standard Premium
Monthly Service Fee $9.95 $19.95 $29.95
Setup Fee $49.95 $49.95 $49.95
Call Collection Fee
(number holder pays)
$0.12/min* $0.08/min* First 6 minutes FREE,
(then $0.06/min*
Call Fee 
(caller pays)
25c untimed 25c untimed 25c untimed
  Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary
If porting an existing number,a once-off Number Porting fee of $99.95 applies instead of the Setup fee. 

Call Redirection/Termination Charges

The above call collection charges are for the leg of the call between a customer calling your 1300 number and the MyNetFone network. Additional charges may apply depending on where you redirect your 1300 number:

  • 1300 number is redirected to a MyNetFone DID number - no further charges apply
  • 1300 number is redirected to a landline or mobile number outside the MyNetFone network - the following charges apply in addition to those indicated above:
Call Diversion type Charge
Local / National 10c untimed
Mobile 15c per minute
International From 1.9c per minute

Contact our Business Team on 1300 733 995 or send an online enquiry

to find out more about MyNetFone Special Service Numbers

* Conditions apply. All fees quoted are inclusive of GST. Additional call charges may apply if calls to 1300/1800 numbers are forwarded to another telephone number not inclusive of the MyNetFone service. Pre-paid services utilising 1300/1800 numbers require an active credit card registration for $100 automatic monthly top up of the account. All calls are restricted if the account credit balance falls below $0.

Note: An administration charge of $24.95 will apply for any changes on the 1300 numbers service and it may take up to 48 hours to complete.