Easy Reverse DNS


Reverse DNS explained

Reverse DNS (Reverse Domain Name System) is a process which checks that information sent from your organisation's servers is genuinely coming from your organisation, and not someone pretending to be you. It helps ISPs fight spam and online scams which often use 'fake' communications. This is achieved by mapping your IP address to your business domain name (website).

Setting up reverse DNS for your business is an essential technical step in enabling email marketing. Modern email servers and major ISPs will automatically reject any emails that don't have a properly configured reverse DNS identifier. If you operate your own email server without Reverse DNS, your business emails will be systematically junked - as spam.

Just $30 per year

This might sound complicated and technical. But it doesn't have to be. MyNetFone's Easy Reverse DNS service makes it quick and painless to have reverse DNS setup for your MyNetFone Business IP address. The MyNetFone Reverse DNS Service is available on all MyNetFone business broadband plans (upon request) for just $30 / year.


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