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Business phone number porting - Move your number to MyNetFone


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When you join MyNetFone you can transfer your helplines, extensions and other office numbers for free. This transfer process (called Number Porting) means that, even if you relocate, customers will always be able to reach you.

  • Works with Virtual PBX, SIP Trunk and Virtual Fax services.
  • Transfer standalone (Cat A), complex (Cat C) or 1300/1800 numbers. 
  • Own lots of numbers? Host them from just $2.75/mo.

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Business number porting is completely free.

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  Keep your home phone line active when you port your number to MyNetFone    Complete the number porting form and attach your current phone bill    Relax - We'll take care of the number porting details  

1. Talk with us

Our expert team can help you understand what is required for business number porting.

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 2. Send your bill + form

 Porting is easy. Simply complete some paperwork and attach a copy of your bill.


3. Relax - we're on it

We'lll take care of all the details, and notify you when the porting is complete.


Discuss your needs with our expert team. Call 1300 733 995.


Important information about your Service Address

Your Service Address is the primary location where you will use your MyNetFone services. This information will be used to provide Emergency Service Organisations your location in the case you call for 000 emergency help, and also in the event of a natural disaster or emergency broadcast warning. It is important that you keep your Service Address information current at all times by updating it via our MyAccount portal when necessary.

For Number Porting Terms & Conditions, click here. Also see the porting FAQs.