Number Porting  

Number Porting

Take your phone numbers with you

Number porting allows your business to switch to MyNetFone and take advantage of our innovative Business Solutions and great call rates, all without losing your existing phone numbers.

What do I need to know about Local Number Portability?

  • Quick and easy process - it only takes 6 to 10 business days for most residentual & small business customers
  • Just $30 per number for regular landline numbers, a small price for such great convenienceˆ
  • For regular landline number, you can check whether your can be moved to MyNetFone using our Online Portability Checker
  • You can also move your 1300 or 1800, as well as some other 'complex' landline numbers - fees for these ports differ

To find out more, browse our Number Porting FAQ Online.

What if I want to move my number elsewhere later?

We understand that keeping a consistent phone number is vital for your business, so if for any reason you decide to leave MyNetFone (but with such amazing call rates and service, why would you?), you can take your number with you*.

Next Step

If you would like to port your existing Business Number to MyNetFone, please download the appropriate PDF form:

Then fax the completed form to (02) 8008 8008.

Call our Business Team on 1300 733 995 or

send an online enquiry for more details.

Please note important information about choosing your new phone numbers:

If you choose a number outside your local calling area, people calling you may be charged at STD rates by their service provider. You may not be able to port your number away from MyNetFone if the gaining provider does not support out-of-area numbers, or if the gaining provider does not support local number portability with MyNetFone. This information is provided as required by the Numbering Plan under the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Important information about your Service Address

Your Service Address is the primary location where you will use your MyNetFone services. This information will be used to provide Emergency Service Organisations your location in the case you call for 000 emergency help, and also in the event of a natural disaster or emergency broadcast warning. It is important that you keep your Service Address information current at all times by updating it via our MyAccount portal when necessary.

ˆ$30 porting fee is 'per porting attempt' fora 'Simple/Cat A' port. If porting application is rejected by carrier and has to be resubmitted, it is counted as a 'new attempt' and incurs another $30 fee.

*As long as your new provider has their own capability to port numbers to and from the MyNetFone network