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  20Gb downloads


500Gb downloads


1000Gb downloads


 Unlimited downloads

1 Static IP address


1 Static IP address


1 Static IP address


1 Static IP address

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  Unlimited uploads


  Unlimited uploads


  Unlimited uploads


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Free modem


Free modem


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Min: $1297.80 (24 months). $1.99/Gb.

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Min: $1537.80 (24 months). 10c/Gb.

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Min: $1777.80 (24 months). 6c/Gb.

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Min: $2017.80 (24 months)

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  Get a 100Gb internet data boost - anytime - for just $20

Data boost: Get more data anytime


Need more business data in a hurry? Concerned you'll go over quota? You can easily add a 100Gb business data boost via the MyNetFone online portal. Boosts are available anytime, and will be ready to use within hours. For just $20 per boost, you can increase your office download quota for 60 days.





Frequently Asked Questions



Can I use my existing modem with this service?

Yes. You can choose to 'BYO' modem. However, if you choose to BYO, we cannot provide security, setup or technical support for that device.


Can I bundle with a voice service?

Yes. MyNetFone can provide both voice and data services. You can choose to get a new hosted office phone system, or connect your on-site PBX with SIP Trunks.


What happens if I use more than my quota?

You will be charged an excess fee of $5/Gb for Basic and Economy plan customers, $3/Gb for Standard plan customers. To avoid excess fees, you can add a 100Gb Data Boost for just $20.

Customers on the Deluxe plan enjoy an unlimited download quota.


Does 'Unlimited' really mean unlimited?

Unlimited means we do not count your uploads, and for the Deluxe plan, we do not count your downloads either. 

Unlimited download quota is provided in batches of '10Tb'. Once you use the first 10Tb, you will receive another 10Tb - and so on - forever.


How is my DSL service delivered?

There are different service types in different regions of Australia:

  • Many customers can simply bring their existing Naked DSL connection to MyNetFone.
  • Sometimes, we need to use a phone line to provide your internet connection. You can choose to keep your phone service (a Shared Line) or use that line for internet only (a Line Sacrifice).
  • In very rare cases you'll need to have a new line installed by Telstra, and continue to pay for a monthly line rental. 

Our online coverage checker can help you understand what method of delivery will be required. Alternatively, call us on 1300 733 995.


Will my internet go slower with MyNetFone?

No. MyNetFone services over 95% of Australia through the Optus and Telstra networks. You will receive comparable speed and quality.

No provider can guarentee the speed of your internet. Actual service speeds may be lower than advertised. Speed can be affected by things like network configuration, line quality and length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and hardware and software.


Will I be able to get rid of my phone line?

Maybe. In most regions, you will be able to access a 'Naked' broadband service. This means that you won't need a phone line in order to connect to the internet.

If a Naked DSL service is not available in your area, you will need a business phone line. You will be billed separately by Telstra for this home phone line service. Find out more.


How can I get more information?

Please read the Critical Information Summary documents (linked below our plans) - or contact our expert Business Sales Team on 1300 733 995.




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