High-Speed Broadband


MyNetFone's Broadband plans offer fast internet with a generous data allowance at competitive prices.

A reliable internet connection is very important when making the switch to MyNetFone communication solutions, as our new-generation service delivers all your phone calls over the internet. By combining your phone and internet services with MyNetFone, you are certain to get the best quality for both.

Internet Options

Broadband Type Choose if...

Your main concern is coverage

This is considered the 'standard' broadband option because it provides cost-effective, fast broadband to the widest geographical area. It is recommended to use this option if Naked ADSL2+ internet is unavailable in your area. View plans.

Naked ADSL2+

You want to stop paying line rental completely

This service provides the same speed as regular ADSL2+ Broadband without the need for a landline, saving you up to $400 a year on line rental. Although you will no longer have a landline, you can keep your existing phone numbers by moving them to MyNetFone's voice service.

However, Naked ADSL2+ internet coverage is more limited, and connection is not available in all areas. Please call our Business Team on 1300 733 995 to find out which ADSL2+ internet options are available at your address. View plans.

Ethernet Broadband

Your main concern is speed

Ethernet Broadband is among the fastest, highest quality and cost effective Broadband service available. This service is ideal for businesses requiring high speeds for data applications or multiple voice lines. Find out more.

Ethernet broadband plans differ from ADSL2+ internet below. Please call 1300 733 995 to find out more.

Not sure? Our Business Team are happy to discuss the best option for your business
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Special Offer: Free NB604N modem

Special Offer

For a limited time only, get a FREE Netcomm NB604N Modem when you sign up for a 12 month contract or longer - Valued at $129.95!

See the contract options or call our Team on 1300 733 995 during business hours to discuss your business internet requirements.

Traditional & Naked ADSL2+ Plans

The plans and pricing is the same for both Traditional and Naked ADSL2+ connection types.

The type of internet connection you have access to depends on your business location - our Business Sales Team can check the coverage availability for you, simply give them a call on 1300 733 995.






Monthly Fee $49.95 $64.95 $99.95 $149.95

Download Quota˜
(Peak/Off Peak)





Upload Quota
(Peak/Off Peak)





Static IP Address





  Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary
Special Offer FREE Modem on 12 month or longer contracts - find out more.

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Unit costs for each plan per megabyte are: Light plan 0.98cents/MB; Starter plan 0.06cents/MB; Standard plan 0.02cents/MB; Deluxe plan 0.01cents/MB

Total Min Cost: No Contract: Lite: $348.95, Starter:  $363.95, Standard:  $398.95, Deluxe: $448.95. 12months: Lite: $798.40, Starter:  $978.40, Standard:  $1398.40, Deluxe: $1998.40 24months: Lite: $1297.80, Starter:  $1657.80, Standard:  $2497.80, Deluxe: $3697.80. 36months: Lite: $1798.20, Starter:  $2338.20, Standard:  $3598.20, Deluxe: $5398.20. 

Contract breakage fee applies for early termination. 

Excess downloads: Once the quota has been reached, extra downloads are charged on a 'per GB' basis ($5/GB for Light & Starter plans, and $3/GB for Standard & Deluxe plans, rounded up to the nearest GB) so your business does not ground to a halt due to speed shaping. For better value on your excess downloads, get a Data Boost!

Voice Access Broadband Plan

Need a reliable internet connection with Quality of Service (QoS) for your office VoIP phone system but not much more?

The MyNetFone Voice Access Broadband Plan is perfect for a business that does not need internet access, except to run your VoIP-based communications. Stop paying for download quotas you don’t use!

Voice Access Plan

Monthly Fee


Quota  Unlimited downloads at 256kbps speed + Unlimited Voice traffic with QoS
Critical Information Summary 
Total Min Cost: No Contract: $338.95, 12months: $678.40, 24months: $1057.80, 36months: $1438.20 

Find out more about Voice Access Plan.


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*Channel Partners/BRPs do not get rebate on the free modem